About Us

Throughout Northern Ireland signs once adorned trees with the simple but profound question ‘ Eternity Where?’, a constant reminder to those who passed by of the eternal destiny of the soul.

In this technology age we feel that it is possible to further extend the message of this question by using the internet name EternityWhere.com. Those who see a sign bearing this name will not only be reminded of eternal issues as before, but will also have the opportunity to access the website and be informed further on the matter.

Site Promotion

In order to promote the site and bring the unsaved into contact with it a number of strategies have been considered. These include traditional signage, car stickers, branded clothing such as T-shirts and internet awareness through the Freedom Ministries mailing list etc. Click here to find out how can help promote this site.

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Site Aims

We encourage visitors throughout the world to erect signs containing Bible verses (AV only) with the EternityWhere.com address at the bottom. In so doing this will enable God’s people to be witnesses for Him is their own areas throughout the globe. Pictures of these efforts can be posted on the site. To submit a picture please e-mail it to gallery@EternityWhere.com with a short description of where the sign was located. Please note that signs should be posted in accordance with the conditions set out in the disclaimer below. More information about promoting this site can be found here.

Disclaimer: We will only accept pictures if the Bible verse used is taken from the Authorised Version of the Scriptures. While we encourage the activity of publishing the Gospel through signs/posters we accept no responsibility for posters/signs etc erected in such a way as to contravene local by-laws and/or planning regulations. We cannot be held responsible for any or loss or damage to persons property or animals caused by posters or signs that bear the name EternityWhere.com. We similarly cannot be held responsible for use of our name in ways that intimidate or harass individuals or groups. All such responsiblity rests entirely with those who erect such posters/signs and they agree to accept full responsibility for any claims arising from the erection of such.