Site Promotion

Christian – there are many ways you can help with the promotion of this site. Here are a few ideas.

Become a prayer partner. Email us for more details.
Become a church representative. Email us for more details.
Organise a meeting, where we can give you a presentation of our work. Email us for more details.
Put up a car sticker. For more details click here.
Put up a sign. For more details visit our Gallery.
Supply us with a site to put up a sign. This could be on a temporary or permanent basis. If you can help please email us or write to us.
Ask your friends by email to visit, or refer them through the “Share This” facility at the bottom of most pages on the site.
Wear a t-shirt, polo shirt, baseball cap or fleece with the logo and scripture verse.
Print labels with Put them on envelopes, tracts etc.